Current affairs questions and answers 24 September 2021

Hello friends, today we have brought some questions of current affairs in Hindi for you on 24th September 2021, by which you can increase your knowledge.

Q.1 When has the ‘International Sign Language Day’ been celebrated recently?

a. 22 september

b. 21 september

c. 23 September

d. none of these

Answer: (c) 23 September

Q.2. Which country will test thorium-fired nuclear plant recently?

a. America

b. China

c. Japan

d. none of these

Answer: (b) China

• Created the cyanopharm vaccine

• Mars rover ‘Jhurog’ successfully landed on Mars

• Largest producer of e-waste

• Successfully Tested High Speed Maglev

• ‘BeiDou’ navigation satellite launched successfully

Q.3 According to the study of Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) by which year India will become industrial trans fat-free?

A. 2022

B. 2023

C. 2024

D. 2025

Answer: (A) 2022

Q.4 According to the World Health Organisation, the Delta Covid variant has spread to how many countries so far?

A. 150

B. 185

C. 140

D. 120

Answer: B. 185

Q.5 Recently who has been honored with SDG Pragati Puraskar?

(a). Narendra Modi

(b). Mahathir Mohamed

(c). sheikh hasina

(d). Imran Khan

Answer: (c) Sheikh Hasina

Important point

• Bangladesh PM Sheikh Hasina received the SDG Progress Award.

• By whom the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN)

• SDG for Bangladesh’s steady progress towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals SDGs to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina

Pragati (SDG Progress) Award.

• SDSN:- Founded- 2012, President Jelle Sachs

Current Affairs Quiz in Hindi

Q.6 Who recently got the Changemaker Award for 2021?

(a). Shagun Gupta

(b). Faroz Faiza Bither

(c). Nuklu Foam

(d) none of these

Answer: (b) Firoz Faiza Beether

Important point

• Bangladeshi Feroz Faiza Beether receives the Changemaker Award for 2021

• By whom by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

• Promoter Why Faroze Faiza is a co-founder of the Moner School for his work promoting good health and wellness.

• The award honors an individual who has inspired change through personal experience or leadership position.

Q.7 How many years have been completed for Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY) on 23rd September 2021?

(a) 2 years

(b) 3 years

(c) 4 years

(d) 5 years

Answer: (b) 3 years

Q.8 Recently by whom was the first Himalayan Film Festival inaugurated?

(a) Nitin Gadkari

(b) Anurag Thakur

(d) Pushkar Singh Dhami

(c) Rajnath Singh

Answer: (b) Anurag Thakur

Q.9 What is the rank of India in the recently released Digital Quality of Life Index, 2021?

(a) 52nd

(b) 57th

(c) 59th

(d) 67th

Answer: (c) 59th

Important point

• Recently SurfShark, an online privacy solutions provider, has released the Digital Quality of Life (DQL) Index, 2021.

• India has been ranked 59th out of 110 countries in the index for 2021

• India’s rank was 57th in the index last year.

Q.10 Who has become the new secretary of the ‘Ministry of Civil Aviation’?

A. Rajiv Bansal

B. Ashok Mehta

C. Vinay Mahajan

D. Amit Salaria

Answer: (A) Rajiv Bansal

Important point

• ‘The new chief of the air staff of the Indian Air Force’ – VR Choudhary

• India’s 70th Chess Grandmaster – R Raja Rithvik

• Re-President of National Rifle Association of India (NRAI) – Ninder Singh

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