Current affairs hindi – 14 October 2021

Q. 1. When has the ‘National Disaster Reduction Day’ been celebrated recently?
a. 12 October
b. 11 October
c. 13 October
d. none of these
Answer: (c) 13 October

Q.2. Which state government has recently banned government employees from participating in politics, elections?
2. Rajasthan
b. Haryana
c. Andra Pradesh
d. none of these
Answer: (b) Haryana

Important point

• Prashant Kumar Agarwal became the new DGP
• Air Taxi Service Launched
• Mera Pani Meri Virasat Yojana launched
• Banned the use of the word hoax

Q 3. Recently which country has been invited by the IEA to become a full-time member?
a. Bangladesh
b. India
c. Sri Lanka
d. none of these
Answer: b. India

Q.4. Who has recently been included in the most vulnerable countries for ecological threats?
a. Ireland
b. Australia
c. Bangladesh
d none
Answer: c. Bangladesh

Inside current affairs hindi

Q.5 Where has SGADF organized the 6th International Championship recently?
b. Nepal
c. Bhutan
d. none of these
Answer : b. Nepal

Q.6. Recently Alexander Schalenberg has been appointed as the new chancellor of which country?
a. Austria
b. Germany
c. Brazil
d. none of these
Answer: a. Austria

Q.7. Which country has launched the world’s first self-driving train?
A. India
B. Germany
C. Indonesia
D. Japan
Answer: B. Germany

Important Points –

German rail operator Deutsche Bahn and industrial conglomerate Siemens launched the world’s first automated and driverless train on October 11, 2021.

This self driving train has been launched in the city of Hamburg and this train is more punctual and energy efficient than conventional trains

Q.8 How many medals have been won by Indian shooters in the ISSF Junior World Championship 2021? Vimp.
Answer : 43

Important Points –
Indian shooters have topped the medal tally with a historic win with 43 medals.
043 Medal – Gold-17, Silver – 16, Bronze 10

Daily current affairs hindi

Q.9 Who has become the new ‘advisor’ of Prime Minister Narendra Modi?
A. Sanjay Yadav
B. Arvind Singh
C. Amit Khare
D. Anoop Pandey
Answer: C. Amit Khare

Q.10 ‘Karuppur Kalamkari Paintings and Kallakurichi Wood’ of which state
Carvings)’ has got GI tag? (Imp)
A. Tamil Nadu
B. Odisha
C. Meghalaya
D. Madhya Pradesh
Answer. Tamil Nadu