9 September 2021 daily current affairs

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Q1. Which country has recently test-fired the submarine-launched ballistic missile Yonhap?
(A). China
(B). Israel
(C). South Korea
(D) Iran
Answer: (C) South Korea
Important Note

• South Korea tested a submarine-launched ballistic missile named “Yonhap”.

• Yonhap is a submarine launched ballistic missile (SBLM).

• With this, South Korea became the first nuclear-free country to develop such a capability.

• SBLM is a variant of the Hyunmoo-28 missile with a range of about 500 km.

• SBLM has been previously created by 7 other countries including USA, Russia, China, UK, France, India and North Korea.

• South Korea : Capital Seoul, Currency Won, President Moon Jae In

Q.2 Recently India and which country has organized the first high level dialogue on environment?
(a) France
(b). Japan
(c). America
(d) Russia
Answer: (b) Japan
Important Note

• The first high-level policy dialogue between India and Japan on the environment was held.
• When 7 September 2021 (virtually)
• In this high level policy talks, India’s Union Minister of Environment, Forest, and Climate Bhupendra Yadav and Japan’s Environment Minister Koizumi Shijiro participated.

• In this, issues like Air Pollution, Permanent Technology & Transportation, Climate Change, COP 26, etc. were discussed.

Q.3 Who is the present President of Nepal?
(a) Sher Bahadur Deuba
(b) K. P Sharma Oli
(c) Vidya Devi Bhandari
(d) Hemant Biswa Sharma
Answer: (c) Vidya Devi Bhandari

Q.4 When is International Literacy Day celebrated every year?
(a) 6 September
(b) 7 September
(c) 8 September
(d) 9 September
Answer: (c) September 8

Q.5 Who has been appointed as its new President by the Federation of Automobile Dealers Association (FADA) in Hall itself?
(A) Vikesh Gulati
(B) Ashish Harshraj
(C) Kenichi Ayukawa
(D) VK Yadav
Answer: (A) Vikesh Gulati

Q.6 Which district of Tamil Nadu has been declared by the Central Government as the first district with a fully digital economy in the state?
(A) Chennai
(B) Thanjavur
(C) Coimbatore
(D) Virudhunagar
Answer: (D) Virudhunagar

Q.7 NITI Aayog and which university have signed a letter of intent to promote cooperation in the field of agriculture?
(a) Delhi University
(b) University of Hyderabad
(c) Panjab University
(d) Gujarat University
Answer: (d) Gujarat University

Q.8 Which of the following has become the first Asian country to launch the Plastics Pact?
a. America
b. China
c. India
d. Japan
Answer: (c) India

Q.9 Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) chairman K. Sivan inaugurated the Lunar Science Workshop 2021 to commemorate the completion of how many years Chandrayaan-2 in the Moon’s orbit?
a. 4 years
b. two years
c. five years
d. one year
Answer: (b) Two years

Q.10 What did not happen on Sharabhpuri copper plates?
a. date
b. Picture
c. Location
d. author name
Answer: (b) picture

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