5 September 2021 Ten current affairs of India

Hello friends, today we have brought some important questions of ten current affairs of India which will help you in upcoming exam.

Q.1 Recently which country’s ‘Chengdu’ city has been started a new maritime road rail link providing access to the Indian Ocean through ‘Bangoon’ (Myanmar)
(A) China
(C) Bhutan
(B) Nepal
(D) Bangladesh

Q.2 Recently which country has become the third largest startup ecosystem in the world?
(a). India
(b) America
(c) China
(d) Japan

Q.3 Recently which state government has approved 27 percent reservation for OBC
(a) Maharashtra
(b) Madhya Pradesh
(c) Gujarat
(d). A state in Eastern India

Important Note

• Madhya Pradesh government approved 27% reservation for OBC.

• Reservation for Other Backward Classes (OBC) increased from 14% to 27%.

• Recently the 105th amendment has been made in the Indian Constitution, which is related to OBC reservation only.

• The power of the states to identify socially and economically backward classes has been restored under the 105th Constitutional Amendment.

Q.4 Which university has topped the Times World University Rankings 2022?

(a) Harvard University / Harvard University
(B). University of Oxford
(c). California Institute of Technology
(d). Stanford University / Stanford Universit’

Q.5 When is the National Nutrition Week celebrated every year in India?
(a). 1-7 September
(b). 2-9 September
(c). 8-15 September
(d). 6-13 September

Q.6 When has the ‘International Vulture Awareness Day’ been celebrated recently?
a. 02 September
b. 04 september
c. 03 September
d. none of these

Q.8. Which state government has recently announced to set up ‘Science City’ after Rajiv Gandhi?
a. Maharashtra
b. Punjab
c. West Bengal
d. none of these

Important note

• Pune Stadium to be named after Neeraj Chopra
• Sanjay Gandhi, Gugumal, Navegaon National Park
• Shivaji in South Block: The Unwritten History of a Proud People – Girish Kuber
• Mahashad Manch for Persons with Disabilities

Q.9. Which High Court has recently asked the Center to declare cow as the national animal?
A. Patna High Court
B. Allahabad High Court
C. Bombay High Court
D. none of these

Q.10 Who will host the International Climate Summit 2020-21 recently?
a. India ..
b. Russia
c. France
d. none of these

Conclusion Hope you have understood all the questions of today’s ten current affairs of India.