4 October 2021 current affairs

Q.1 In which state / UT ‘world’s largest khadi national flag’ has been inaugurated

A. Jammu & Kashmir

B. Chandigarh

C. Leh

D. Manali

Answer: (C) Leh

Important point

• The Lieutenant Governor of Ladakh, RK Mathur, on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti on 2 October 2021, at an event organized by the Indian Army’s Fire and Fury Corps, Ladakh, presented the “world’s largest national flag” created by the Khadi and Village Industries Commission. )” is unveiled.

• This national flag is the world’s largest flag made of Khadi. The length of this flag is 225 feet, width 150 feet and weight is 1400 kg. The flag covers an area of 37,500 square feet. This flag took 49 days to prepare.

Q.2 Who has become the new MD & CEO of ‘Rating Agency CRISIL’?

A. Amish Mehta

B. Chinni Krishna

C. Akshay Mittal

D. Harshid Bobde

Answer: (A) Amish Mehta

Important point


• CRISIL is a global analytical company that provides ratings, research and risk and policy advisory services.

• Credit Rating Information Services of India Limited

• Established 1987

• Headquarters Mumbai –

• MD &CEO Amish Mehta

Q.3 Recently three districts of which state have been declared as disturbed areas?

a. Mizoram

b. Nagaland

c Arunachal Pradesh

d. none of these

Answer: (c) Arunachal Pradesh

Important point

• ArrRinam- Tribe

• Pakke Tiger Reserve, Namdapha National Park

• Pakke Paga Horbill Festival

Q.4 Recently ‘Mitra Shakti’ joint military exercise has started between India and which country?

a. Italy

b. Sri Lanka

c. Germany

d none of these

Answer: (b) Sri Lanka

Q.5 Recently who has been appointed as the Secretary of Department of Telecommunications?

a. k rajaraman

b. Sujata Chaturvedi

c. Rekha Sharma

d. Rekha Menon

Answer: (a) k Rajaraman

Q.6 Recently the first National Security Advisor passed away?

a. Atul Bhatt

b. Abhay Kumar Singh

C. Nasir Kamal

d. Brijesh Mishra

Answer: (d) Brijesh Mishra

Q.7 When is the International Day of Nonviolence celebrated?

(A). 1 October

(B). 2 October

(C). 3 October

(D). 4 October

Answer: (B). 2 October

Important point

International non-violence day – 2 October

International Day of Non-Violence is celebrated every year by the United Nations on the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

Beginning – 2008 (UNGA’s approval in 2007)

NOTE :- October 2 is also the birthday of former Prime Minister of India, Lal Bahadur Shastri.

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Q.8 How many women will be honored with the Women Transforming India Award 2021 by NITI Aayog?

(A). 40

(B). 65

(C). 75

(D). 89

Answer: (C). 75

Important point

• Women Transforming India Award 2021 will be given to 75 women by NITI Aayog.

• This is a major initiative of NITI Aayog to celebrate the 75th year of Independence. and freedom

It is a part of Amrit Mahotsav.

• MIT will celebrate the contribution of women entrepreneurs under this.

• NITI Aayog :- Establishment – 2015, Chairman – Narendra Modi, Vice President Rajiv Kumar, – CEO – Amitabh Kant

Q.9 Who has written the book ‘A taste of the liverpool way a recipe for success’ recently?

a. Dhira Khandelwal

b. Mona Nemmer

c. Ashok Lavasa

d. Amartya

Answer: (b) Mona Nemmar

Q.10 Recently which state’s (‘Chinnor rice’ got GI tag?

a. Punjab

b. Uttar Pradesh

c. Manipur

d. Madhya Pradesh

Answer: (d) Madhya Pradesh

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