26 september 2021 | current affairs

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Q.1. Which state will host the ‘FIH Hockey Men’s Junior World Cup 2021’?

A. Tamil Nadu

B. Punjab

C. West Bengal

D. Odisha

Answer: (D) Odisha

Important point

• The prestigious FIH Hockey Men’s Junior World Cup 2021 in Bhubaneswar, Odisha will be played at Kalinga Stadium from November 24 to December 5.

• Edition-12th.

Q.2 When has ‘World Pharmacist Day’ been celebrated recently?

a. 24 september

b. 23 September

c. 25 September

d. none of these

Answer: (c) 25 September

Q.3. Where was the first National Cooperative Conference held recently?

a. Bhopal

b. New Delhi

c. Bhubaneswar

d. none of these

Answer: (b) New Delhi

Q.4 Where is the ‘QUAD Summit’ 2021 held on the 13th?

A. China

B. India

C. Japan

D. America

Answer: (D) America

• What is Quad (QUAD) Quad is a group of countries of India, America, Australia and Japan, whose purpose is to protect the interests of democratic countries in the Indo-Pacific region and to solve global challenges.

• On behalf of India, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed the summit of representatives of the Quad (QUAD) group.

• This meeting was organized at the White House in Washington DC, USA.

Important current affairs in Hindi

Q.5 In which state India’s first Atal Community Innovation Center has been inaugurated?

(A). Maharashtra

(B). Telangana

(C) Assam

(D). Rajasthan

(E). Chhattisgarh

Answer: (D) Rajasthan

Important point

new scheme of rajasthan

1. Chiranjeevi Scheme Launched

2. Indira Rasoi Yojana launched

3. Ramgarh Vishdhari Wildlife Sanctuary

4. Tiger Corridor

5. Tribal Upliftment Scheme

6. Chief Minister Kisan Mitra Energy Scheme

7. Launched ‘Be an Exporter’ Mission

8. ‘Ghar-Ghar Aushadhi Yojana’

9. BOLD Project

Q.6 What is the rank of India in e-government according to Digital Quality of Life Index 2021?

(A). 11th

(B). 25th

(C). 33th

(D). 47th

Answer: (C) 33th

Q 7 Fuego Volcano started a vigorous eruption phase on 23 September 2021, it is located in which country?

(A). Australia

(B). Guatemala

(C). Japan

(D). Denmark

Answer: (B) Guatemala

Q.8 Recently who has been appointed as the Ambassador of WHO for Global Health Financing?

(A). gordon brown

(B). tedras adnom

(C). Elgar Hiss

(D) none of these

Answer: (A) Gordon Brown

Important point

• Gordon Brown appointed WHO Ambassador for Global Health Financing.

• Gordon Brown is a former Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

• ‘It has been announced to appoint him as the WHO Ambassador for Global Health Financing.

• Gordon Brown is credited with preventing the Second Great Depression through his leadership of the 2009 London G20 summit.

• World Health Organization (WHO) :- Established – 7 April 1948, Headquarters – Geneva, President – Tedros Adhanom

Q.9 Recently with whom did RBL Bank launch a campaign named ‘Use Befikar’?

(A). Master Card

(B). Rupay

(C). PayTm

(D). Flipkart

Answer: (A). Master Card

Q.10 Recently the Indian Army organized ‘Vijay Cultural Festival’ on where?

(A). Assam

(B). Bangalore

(C) Bhubaneswar

(D). Kolkata

Answer: (D) Kolkata

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