21 September 2021 | New current affairs

Today we have brought new current affairs questions for you which is a collection of all important questions of 21st September 2021.

Q.1 Who has topped the recently released Global Innovation Index?

a. USA

b. Sweden

b. Switzerland

d. none of these

Answer: (b) Switzerland

Q.2. Recently who has been honored with ‘Ramakrishna Bajaj Award’?

a. Lakshmi Mittal

b. gautam adani

c. Rahul Bajaj

d. none of these

Answer: b. gautam adani

Q.3 Which organization has now banned the release of ease of doing business report?


B. World Bank

C. United Nations

D. Reserve Bank of India

Answer: (B) World Bank

Important point

• According to the World Bank, it has decided not to publish the Ease of Doing Business report on the investment climate in the countries

• According to the World Bank, its investigation has revealed pressure from senior officials to falsify the data

Q.4 When is the International Day of Peace celebrated?

(A). 21 June

(B). 21 July

(C). 21 September

(D). 21 October

Answer: (C). 21 September

Q.5 Recently which ministry has started ‘Ek Pahal’ campaign?

(a). Tribal Ministry

(b). minority ministry

(c). ministry of law and justice

(d) Ministry of Jal Shakti

Answer: (c) Ministry of Law and Justice

Q.6 Recently who has been declared the state fish of Sikkim?

a. green chromide

b. mahseer

c. lion dolphin

d. Cooper Mahseer

Answer: d. Cooper Mahseer

Q.7 Who has become the 70th Grandmaster of India recently?

a. D Gukesh

b. Abhimanyu Mishra

c. king ritwik

d. joyful king

Answer: (c). king ritwik

Q.8 The statue of Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of which of the following has been unveiled in Hungary?

(a) Dollar

(b) bitcoin

(c) Rupee

(d) dinar

Answer: (b) Bitcoin

Q.9 What was the name of the mission under which SpaceX launched the world’s first all civilian crew to orbit the Earth?

(a) Dragon CRS-4

(b) Inspiration – 4

(c) Transporter-4

(d) Crew-4

Answer: (b) Inspiration – 4

Q.10 When was the International Day for South-South Cooperation celebrated recently?

(A) 5 September

(B) 8 September

(C) 10 September

(D) 12 September

Answer: (D) 12 September

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