18 September 2021 only current affairs

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Q.1 When was the ‘World Patient Safety Day’ celebrated recently?

a. 16 september

b. 15 september

C. 17 September

d. none of these

Answer: (C) 17 September

Important Note

• World Patient Safety Day – 17 September

• Why to create global awareness for patient safety and urge people to show their commitment to making healthcare safer

• Theme Safe maternal and newborn care

Q.2. Which state/UT has recently launched ‘One Gram Panchayat One DG Pe Sakhi’?

(a) Ladakh

(b) Rajasthan

(c) Jammu and Kashmir

(d) Meghalaya

Answer: (c) Jammu and Kashmir

Q.3. What is the percentage reduction in crime against women in Indian cities recently in 2020?

A. 19%

B. 21%

C. 14%

d. none of these

Answer: (B) 21%

Q.4 Where has Tata Steel commissioned India’s first plant for CO2 capture?

(A) Ranchi

(B) Jamshedpur

(C) Bhubaneswar

(D) Kolkata

Answer: (B) Jamshedpur

Q.5 Recently who has been named as “2021 International Young Eco-Hero”?

(a). import doubt

(b) Bal Thackeray

(c). D. Gukesh

(d) Greta Thunberg

Answer: (a) Ion doubt

Latest current affairs in Hindi

Q.6 Recently which state / UT has launched a mission named ‘One Sakhi’?

a. Delhi

b. Jammu and Kashmir

c. Uttar Pradesh

d. Madhya Pradesh

Answer: (b) Jammu and Kashmir

Q.7 Recently by which year the Minister of Jal Shakti has set a target to set up water testing labs in every block of the country?

A. 2023

B. 2024

C. 2025

D. 2026

Answer (A) 2025

Q.7 Recently who has been named as ‘2021 International young eco hero’?

a. Ayan Shankta

b. Sabarna Roy

c. Nuklu Foam

d. ring finger

Answer: (a) Ayan Shankta

Q.8 Recently Titan Company in association with which bank has launched India’s first contactless payment watch “Titan Pay”?





Answer: (C) SBI

Q.9 Recently, the Lok Sabha has approved a bill to cut the salary of MPs by what percentage for one year?

(A) 20 percent

(B) 15 percent

(C) 30 percent

(D) 50 percent

Answer: (C) 30 percent

Q.10 On which day International Equal Pay Day is celebrated every year by the United Nations?

A. 16 September

B. 17 September

C. 18 September

D. 15 September

Answer: (C) 18 September

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